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Mercedes-Benz Electric Charging

Mercedes me Charge

Charging Overview

Mercedes me Charge is our charging ecosystem. We integrate multiple different charging networks, (like ChargePoint, Electrify America, and EVgo), into one that delivers nearly 65,000 chargers. And one integrated charging network means one payment method. You create a Mercedes me Charge account and can now use any of the integrated chargers without the need for a separate app from that charge point operator. All of our all-electric vehicles receive a 2-year free trial of Mercedes me Charge starting from Mercedes me connect activation. Afterward, the service may be extended through the Mercedes me connect store.

Charging Activation

Mercedes me Charge requires a separate activation process from Mercedes me connect. Please see below.

  1. Go through the normal Mercedes me connect activation procedures. There should be a step to “Activate all Services.”
  2. In the “hamburger menu” in the Mercedes me connect app (three horizontal bars on the top left), select the Mercedes-Benz All-Electric vehicle that was added.
  3. On the screen, you should see “Manage Services.” Select this.
  4. Under Charging, there will be a feature called “Mercedes me Charge.” When you go into this, there is a linkout that you need to select.
  5. Go through the process of creating/linking a ChargePoint account, inputting payment information and RFID card information. Once complete, the your Mercedes me connect account will be linked to your ChargePoint account and Mercedes me Charge will be activated.

Important: this process should ideally be completed outside where there is a strong LTE signal. The vehicle will need a few minutes to complete the activation, however, this process can take up to 24 hours.


Every All-Electric model comes with the Mercedes me Charge RFID card included among the manuals and other materials in a folded and sealed card stock. This RFID card is small enough to fit onto a keychain to maximize customer convenience. While not necessary to complete activation, we highly recommend customers activate the RFID card on their Mercedes me Charge account. The small card provides a very simple and streamlined charging process at most chargers. Multiple RFID cards can be added to one account. If you would like to order additional, you can do so with part number BQ 6 82 0983.

Public Charging

Public Charging Overview

Most public chargers operate on Level 2 or Level 3 to deliver faster charging speeds than what you may have at home. Level 2 chargers will need hours to charge the battery, so they are more frequently found where drivers will spend a good deal of time such as office buildings, shopping malls, and parks. Level 3 chargers, also known as DC Fast-Chargers, are designed to charge the battery as quickly as possible, from 20% to 80% in about 30 minutes. These chargers are found in large urban and suburban population centers as well as along popular interstate routes.

Electrify America

Electrify America is one charge point operator that has focused on Level 3 DC Fast-Charging. Their specific strategy has built fast chargers along major interstates in the US to enable all-electric cross-country travel. On top of their extensive charging network, we have partnered with Electrify America to provide complimentary unlimited 30-minute charging sessions for the first 2 years of activation with each Mercedes-Benz all-electric vehicle purchase. This means that our customers can drive across the country at no charge.

Starting Charging Methods

There are four ways to start public charging sessions with Mercedes me Charge.

  1. Plug & Charge: By far the easiest way to start a charging session, drivers simply remove the cord from the station and plug into their vehicle. The station and the vehicle will complete a “digital handshake” to verify the transaction and begin charging. Currently, Plug & Charge is only available at Electrify America stations. Also, the EQB is not Plug & Charge so drivers must use one of the other payment methods below. 
  2. RFID Card: Also very simple, drivers can start a charging session by plugging into their car and tapping their Mercedes me Charge RFID card onto the charging station. The station will authenticate the transaction and the driver will see confirmation that charging has begun on the station screen. Given its simplicity, we recommend using the RFID card where possible. Currently, Electrify America does not support RFID cards. 
  3. Mercedes me connect app: Drivers can search for charging stations in the Mercedes me connect app and even see the cost of charging. But drivers can also begin a charging session. Once they’ve arrived at the charging station, users pull up the station in the app and select the specific charger they’ve parked at. Once the user hits “Charge,” the charging station will begin authenticating the session. You can monitor this process and confirm that charging has started on the station screen.
  4. MBUX Display: Drivers can also search for and use charging stations within the car’s headunit. Before turning off the vehicle, pull up the charging station under navigation. Click on the station’s icon to pull up its details and scroll down to see the available chargers. Select the charger you are parked at and confirm that you want to start charging. Now unlock the charging socket and plug in. You will see the charging session authenticate on the station screen and confirm that charging has started.

Tesla Chargers

Tesla uses a different charging coupler than other manufacturers. Therefore, our cars cannot use a Tesla Charger. Mercedes-Benz does not offer or endorse an adapter to our cars’ connector. A customer assumes sole risk and liability when using an adapter purchased in the aftermarket. Currently, Mercedes-Benz all-electric vehicles cannot charge at Tesla Superchargers.

Home Charging

Home Charging Overview

The majority of your charging will likely be done at home. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure you feel comfortable with the process. Given shipping times and electrician availability, we highly recommend that a customer who has ordered an all-electric vehicle arrange for their charger to be installed weeks before they take delivery of their vehicle. At home, customers have Level 1 and Level 2 chargers. Level 1 uses 110/120V AC charging and charges 2-4 miles per hour through a standard household outlet. We offer a Level 1 charging cable as an option on the all-electric vehicles. Given the slow rate of charge, we do not recommend this method as the primary charging source. Level 2 uses 220/240V AC charging and charges at  approximately 30 miles per hour through a special outlet or a hardwired wallbox. Whether the wallbox is hardwired or  connected to a special outlet, a customer will need to hire a licensed electrician to complete the installation. Level 2 allows customers to truly take advantage of home charging, where they can charge hassle-free overnight and wake up with nearly a full charge. Please see the above table for the exact charging speeds and times for each all-electric model.

ChargePoint Home Flex

ChargePoint is a proven leader in EV charging industry. Therefore, we recommend their Level 2 wallbox, the Home Flex to customers. The Home Flex retails for $749 and can be ordered at ( This dedicated Mercedes-Benz portal prioritizes our customers for quicker delivery.


Now that a customer has ordered a Level 2 wallbox, they will need an electrician to install it at their home. We’ve partnered with Qmerit to assist customers in this process. Qmerit uses a questionnaire to provide an upfront quote for installation. The questionnaire is a combination of direct questions and pictures of the home electrical panel, so customers will not be able to complete at the dealership. However, the survey can be saved and resumed at any time.
Installation costs average $1,700, but the final cost is dependent on the home’s specific setup. 

Once Qmerit provides the final quote, the customer can choose to accept and proceed. Qmerit will work directly with the customer to schedule an appointment with an electrician to verify the quote and begin installation. A customer can choose to have the wallbox hardwired into their home or have a 220/240V outlet installed instead. We highly recommend customers begin this process as soon as possible to schedule their appointment and allow for delays in their wallbox delivery. 

Please visit ( to access the Mercedes-Benz-specific portal for installation.