Mercedes-Benz USA’s Position Statement re Wheel repair and Reconditioning

April 18th, 2016 by

Mercedes-Benz USA does not endorse the use of reconditioned wheels or any process that claims to restore damaged wheels or rims on any Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Use of any wheel or tire not recommended by Mercedes-Benz USA may compromise safe motor vehicle operation, and may cause loss of control which may result in injury or death.

Reconditioning of damaged wheels typically involves a process that may include heating, straightening, welding, material removal, reshaping, or re-plating. This process can cause deficiencies in the strength of the wheel material. Reconditioned wheel and rims do not meet the production specifications for Mercedes-Benz vehicles and are not an acceptable method of repair.

Mercedes-Benz USA approves only wheel repairs which are limited to surface sanding and cosmetic refinishing processes that remove and replace only paint coatings. Any wheel near the area of any collision damage should be thoroughly examined to ensure that the wheel meets the original safety specifications.