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All Electric. All Mercedes-Benz.

Electric vehicles present clear benefits in the areas of sustainability and efficiency, but also in performance and design. At Mercedes-Benz, we pledge to embrace the electric future while continuing to build the greatest cars the world has ever seen.

Electricity in the United States is typically around 12 cents per kWh*. If you drive 15,000 miles a year, that’s about $540*. A year of gas, on the other hand, can cost around $1,400*. On top of that, the price of gasoline can fluctuate wildly, whereas the price of electricity is relatively stable. To see the average price of electricity in your state, visit the website for the Energy Information Administration.

All Mercedes-EQ vehicles undergo rigorous safety testing, just like their gas-powered counterparts. They are tested in extreme heat and cold, are extensively crash-tested, and are built with inherent safety measures to minimize risk in the event of a collision.

Electric Motor

The Mercedes-EQ electric vehicles all use synchronous motors. What this means: the rotor turns at the same speed as the magnetic field, which in turn provides high torque at low speed equaling efficiency, compact size, and lower weight.

From quicker acceleration to elevated ride comfort, the benefits of electric power are immediate.

Lithium-ion Batteries

Mercedes-Benz EQ vehicle’s next-generation Lithium-ion batteries set new benchmarks in performance, efficiency and charging capacity. Their high energy per unit mass relative to other electrical energy storage systems makes them ideal for a longer-range EV.

Technology “under the hood” is matched by technology in the driver’s seat. Improved battery power is matched by improved design.


Safe, convenient and cost-effective, the Home Flex from ChargePoint can be installed at your home, so you can charge overnight and be ready to hit the road. Or Mercedes me Charge is the official charging network of Mercedes-EQ. Through MBUX in your vehicle or the Mercedes me connect app on your phone, you can seamlessly plan trips, locate charging stations and initiate payment at nearly 60,000 public chargers nationwide.

The EQS Sedan

It’s like no electric car you’ve seen or felt. Personally attentive, seamlessly responsive, and uniquely imaginative, it’ll whisk you into a new tomorrow.
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It’s futuristic, forward and fresh, but you know its core values. Ever-refined luxury. Ever-advancing innovation. And a never-ending devotion to your well-being. Perhaps no electric sedan feels so new, yet so natural.
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It’s a capable SUV with room for up to seven. And an advanced EV you can enjoy every day. Intelligent technology and thoughtful luxury are delivered with swift response and silenced refinement.
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Its range of talents is as impressive as its driving range. Ultramodern tech delivers earth-friendly and family-friendly benefits. It’s an electric SUV like no other, with the Mercedes values you love.
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*Your local prices may vary, this is just a guideline. Be sure to research actual cost to drive before purchasing. To see the average price of electricity in your state, visit the website for the Energy Information Administration.

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